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PMG Premium was born with one key goal in mind.

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Like most ordinary people, our teams journey all began in investing and trading big name companies such as Amazon, Apple, Tesla, and the like. However the returns that we were getting trading those stocks, while consistently good, were very minimal on a day to day basis.

We started to notice as the market got more volatile like it currently is today, we were watching from the sidelines while penny stocks would run up 100, 300, sometimes 1000% all in the span of minutes. We thought there had to be a way to capture these moves and to be able to profit on these explosions.
Who wouldn’t want to trade in daily profits of 1-2% for profits 100x that amount?!

From there we spent months trying to figure out a safe but effective way to profit on these parabolic moves and catch them right at the start.

Enter our momentum/volume surge alerts. After months of back testing strategies and looking at historical moves spanning years in to the past, we were able to find similarities between the moves that allow these penny stocks to run hundreds of percent’s in minutes. With dozens of parameters needing to be met in order to fire a signal, our Trade Ideas scanner and momentum/volume surge alert system find these moves right from the start and allow us to enter safely from the beginning.

From that entry, we are simply able to sit back and watch the breakout happen right in front of our eyes. Our momentum algorithm gives us a near perfect sell signal right at the peak of the breakout and then we safely exit.

The penny stocks we play are called pump and dumps for a reason. For 90% of penny stocks, after every pump, there must be a dump. Our tools when combined together allow us to get in for that epic pump & out before that knife dropping dump.

Are our alerts perfect? OF COURSE NOT! This is the stock market; things are wild and unpredictable and there is no perfect strategy out there, and we would never pretend that our system is perfect. However these tools allow us to find the best possible plays each day that have big breakout potential and allow us to maximize our returns when they do.

Since we have released our tools to the public, our broader team of subscribers have seen incredible returns on their investments. Don’t believe us? Check out our member testimonials as well as our alert wins and losses that are posted in our discord every single day. We are transparent and show the good, the bad, the ugly, and the EPIC!

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