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The ultimate market beating low float trading system, a system truly like no other. Our revolutionary premium alert dashboard contains all the information & tools required to catch & trade parabolic stocks, before the majority of traders even realize what's happened!

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Momentum Alerts

Momentum Alerts trigger when a stock is just beginning to heat up and starting to move in an upwards trajectory. They have two variants, W/Catalyst : means that the stock is gaining Momentum based on a recent news article or press release. A No Catalyst Momentum Alert means that the stock is gaining momentum without any actual news, these are usually sympathy plays. Our Risk Level system works hand in hand with Momentum Alerts enabling you to filter out riskier plays!

Volume Surge Alerts

Volume Surge Alerts trigger when a stock is seeing some serious volume & buying pressure, these Alerts usually fire after the initial momentum has built, and the stock is about to see or is currently seeing a large upwards squeeze. Volume Surge Alerts act as a level of confirmation for our Momentum Alerts however they only fire if a stock has a Catalyst resulting in much safer potential positions for our users. Our Risk Level system also works hand in hand with Volume Surge Alerts enabling you to filter out riskier plays!

Potential Entry / Exits

We always preach that it is better to lock in repetitive small percentages on a stock that is gapping up rather that holding and trying to exit at the ‘peak price’. why do you ask? There’s a couple of reasons… Firstly and most importantly is the negation of risk (as outlined in the examples below) Secondly is to enable you to trade with little to no emotion.
Example 1 [Stock A] runs from $5 - 10 that is a 100% gain, if you lock in small 5% profits your only at risk of losing one 5% trade once the move is over giving you a potential 80-90% gain.
Example 2 [Stock A] runs from $5 - 10 that is a 100% gain, if you don’t lock in the small trades you are at risk of watching your profit vanish before your eyes once the stock loses steam at $10, you get emotional, stay in even longer and end up in the red.
Example 1 is the clear winning strategy.

Dynamic Risk Levels

Firstly it is important to understand that all trades carry potential risk. However our Ground Breaking Risk Level Filters (demonstrated below) enable you to select levels of Risk Tolerance based on your trading experience and of course your trading style.

red - Higher risk, if you decide to open a position make sure it is only a starter (small share size) if you are an inexperienced trader do not act on these alerts.

amber - Medium risk, potential to open a starter position with more confidence, or add shares to an already established position and then start locking in small profits.

green - Lower risk, potential to open a starter position with much higher levels of confidence. If you have a position which has just changed to the ‘green’ risk level then start to look at locking in small profits.

purplegreen - Lowest risk, potential to open a larger starter position with maximum confidence. Stocks with our lowest risk level are seeing huge amounts of buying pressure. If you already have a position, always look to continuously secure profits.

PMG Chart Based Trading System

Our revolutionary chart based trading system will help you visualize entries, take profits and close positions with pinpoint accuracy. Once a stock starts alerting on our Premium Panel you can pull up the ticker on TradingView and watch the magic unfold! All PMG Premium subscribers will be granted access to this Algorithm on TradingView.

IMPORTANT : You will need to subscribe to a Pro subscription & market data on TradingView here are the subscriptions that you will require to get the most out of this indicator:

  • NYSE ARCA & MKT – New York Stock Exchange MKT and ARCA equities
  • NASDAQ – NASDAQ Stock Market
  • NYSE – New York Stock Exchange
  • OTC – OTC Markets


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