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PMG Premium

PMG Premium


The ultimate small cap day trading package, PMG Premium includes every single one of our powerful trading tools and alert systems enabling you to Find & Trade Parabolic Runners before they even walk!

PMG Premium

What's Included?

  • Access to our AIO Algo on TradingView
  • Access to our Premium Alerts Channel on Discord
  • 24/7 Support & Setup
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • Cancel Anytime

The ultimate small cap day trading package!

This subscription includes all of our legacy packages and fantastic game changing updates combined into one affordable plan to help you find all the parabolic mover’s before they even walk! Maximising profits and minimising potential downside with our New & Old momentum algo configurations. No other scanning system available picks up on big moving stocks pre 7am, this is a huge problem as the majority of the lead gappers start their moves between 4am-7am. Our market leading tools enable you to easily find, trade these early birds whilst maximising profits in the process. 

What’s included?

1. Our brand new AIO Algo which includes both new configurations along with our old legacy setups. Including features such as: Data driven buy and sell signals, Volume Surge Alerts, Support and Resistance Levels, Breakouts from those S&R Levels, Trend Lines & much much more!

2. Access to our market beating Premium Volume Surge Alerts channel on discord. No other scanner, screener, channel or newsletter available worldwide catches runners as early as these truly amazing alerts do. This system is an absolute game changer! Whenever a stock runs 20-500% which meets our watchlist criteria you will have the possibility of entering the trade right as the move is beginning not at the end! The days of chasing are truly over! 

3. Access to our PMG Premium Low & Medium Float scanner stream, if something slips past our Volume Surge Alerts these amazing scanners will catch it. You can use these scanners as a second confirmation for stocks that are running with momentum and big volume. Another amazing feature is the ability to see block trades (large market moving buy and sell orders of over 10,000 shares) you can see also see if these trades were at the bid (indicating the big money is getting out) or at the ask (indicating that the big money is getting in).

Take a look at some of the screenshots below. The purple triangles represent the point in which Volume Surge Alerts would fire in our Premium discord channel, the buy and sell signals represent the best possible entries and exits. Be advised the signals on the Algo are our new Momentum configuration, if you would like the old Momentum configuration, no worries that’s built in too!

TradingView Screenshots

Here is a screenshot of our PMG Premium Low (left) & Medium Float (right) Scanners, these scanners lookout for stocks which tick a large number of criteria boxes whilst also making a new high. The lines  with the pink background are ‘Block Trades’ and if you look at the far right column you can see if these trades were made at the bid (bearish indicating that the run could be over) or at the ask (bullish indicating  that big money is still flowing in)

Scanner Screenshots

Discord Screenshots

IMPORTANT : You will need to subscribe to market data on TradingView here are the subscriptions that you will require to get the most out of this indicator:
* NYSE ARCA & MKT – New York Stock Exchange MKT and ARCA equities
* NASDAQ – NASDAQ Stock Market
* NYSE – New York Stock Exchange
* OTC – OTC Markets


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